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Blood Battle

Michigan Union

Waiting in line for a “health history” screening for blood donation at the Union. To accomodate the long line, we’re all waiting at a bank of chairs lined up for that purpose. Bizarrely, the line advances one chair every time somebody from the front is extracted. There are two volunteers looking on directing this comic traffic jam. I don’t mean to be Larry Davidish here, but it seems like instead of us moving to the front of the line, the front of the line could move through us. Alternatively the seats could be numbered and we could be called by them. The walking isn’t such a bother but I feel a little silly picking up my jacket and water bottle every 30 seconds to walk 15 inches to my side. The line isn’t so long, but if I had been wise enough to bring work instead of just my iPhone to play with, I would be frustrated with the frequent interruptions.

It’s strange to have spent 4 years here and still recognize so few people. I’ve certainly made a number of terrific friends here, but this University is just so damn big.


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