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I’m downstairs at my hotel gorging myself on the Western breakfast. Everything is really tasty, and coupled with my lack of eating yesterday, I think I’ve tried everything a few times over. There’s some really interesting fruit that I really like. It looks almost like a giant acorn that you seemingly have to cut open, but once inside you’re rewarded with a tender, almost prawn-like fruit that’s very sweet and very delicate.

The breakfast area is on the second floor and is surrounded by windows, so I’ve had a bit of a chance to look out at our neighborhood. It’s surprisingly green with lots of vegetation. It’s pretty different than the downtown Shanghai that I saw yesterday night. And yet, even Pudong is flush with what I would call sky scrapers, if not at least very tall buildings. However, there’s no “downtown” feel out here, just seemingly randomly placed buildings, usually with irregular spaces, as if they just dropped out of the sky. The only analogue I have to compare it to is something like Troy or Auburn Hills back in Michigan, but with way more, and much bigger, buildings. It’s strange to see sky scrapers without any sort of pedestrian downtown area. I think I’m going to head back to my room now and try to finish the poster before heading out for some adventures. I know that today is the 20th anniversary of something I should perhaps not mention explicitly, so I’m curious to see if that will have any implications in Puxi.

Gum drops, candy canes, and floating palaces,

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