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Going home

I’m on the plane headed back for the US now. It’s about 7 AM in Detroit, so I’ll be landing in just a few more hours. I’m still feeling pretty healthy: although my throat is feeling dry, I’m sure it’s just from general airplane dryness. The flight has flown by so far thanks to some crappy in-flight movies and less crappy DVDs lent to me by my seatmate, a nice guy headed home to Milwuakee. The plane is much less full going this way, or perhaps it’s just the regular load now that the inaugural hubub has died down. Of the five exit row seats in my area, only two were occuppied, but a guy swooped in to take one. it’s very comfortable with so few people, and the few who are here have been very friendly and amiable. it is nice to speak English with native speakers again, but a little strange. I’ve found my communications with flght attendants on the plane terser and more simple. I rephrase my requests to be simple, but instead they are awkward and ambiguous as I point at my finished breakfast tray and say, “trash?” Maybe I’m just not such a great communicator, at least when I’m trying to be polite.

the hotel was ok. not nearly as nice or aesthetically pleasing as my boutique hotel in Hangzhou, but for an 8 hour stay, it suited me. I just wish it hadn’t been so expensive. I knew I wanted to book some place decent and quickly, but usually I’m more of a bargain hunter than that.

i could and perhaps will write more about my morning later, but it isn’t spectacularly interesting. I’m getting tired now and will try sleeping again. More once I’m back in Michigan.


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