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From a blogging perspective it’s difficult to continue putting out content now that my daily experiences probably no longer merit blogging in the sort of descriptive, un-commented style that I prefer to write in (see old Xanga posts on first dates and Harvard interviews). Instead I may need to start actually reflecting more on the experiences, but then we run the risk of this becoming a cliched live journal type publication,  and I really don’t want this blog to head down that path.

If I might engage in a little emo-blogging for a second, maybe the fact that I don’t presently have anything blog-worthy going on in my life should actually become an impetus to put more interesting things into my life.  There’s plenty of stuff going on in Ann Arbor, and plenty of good art I could immerse myself in anyway. Maybe that can be a motivator. So…coming soon, book reviews? Chronicles of crazy adventures in the seedy underbelly of Ann Arbor? Anything you want to know about but never checked out? Help me make a to-do list of crazy/cool stuff, and I’ll do it (maybe) and write about it! Woohoo, prepare to cross the fourth wall 🙂



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