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Well I finally made it to Beijing! I guess I actually arrived last Saturday, but things have been so crazy busy I haven’t had time to write, but I want to try to start keeping a more consistent journal here. Otherwise, the task of writing a comprehensive update starts to get daunting so I put it off and it just gets to be an ever heftier writing assignment 😛

I arrived very well rested and full of energy thanks to my awesome flight arrangements (thanks Adam!) and got a lift from the airport to my hotel from Lu Li, the husband of a colleague who lives in Beijing.

I’m in China primarily to work to get a new study set up that will be run at both Bei Da (Peking University) and the Psych Institute at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Xiaobei is a student at Bei Da who has been really helpful to me. We became buddies in Shanghai when we both attended ICDL last summer and she has been a great companion for this trip, as well.

So far I’ve been eating lots of yummy food (pictured: giant fish head), I hiked a big section of the great wall which was crazy intense (very vertical and falling apart), and have gotten a lot of good work done academically. I’d love to write more but my battery is dying so I’ll sign off for now, but more is coming soon 🙂

I hope everyone back home is doing well!




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  1. So I’m really sad I never took advantage of your “well, if we’re going to Chicago, we might as well go to China” idea. 😦 My foodzilla tendencies are also making me hungry and jealous. Although I lol-ed at your picture – it’s very “Stuff White People Like”. miss you and don’t get sick.

    Comment by Ciz | April 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. You totes missed out, girl. Next time? Chicago at least?

    Comment by Daniel | April 13, 2010 | Reply

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