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Milford Part II (Dictated)

So I’ve been staying in Milford for several days now, and one of the things that I’ve forgotten is how lucky I was to grow up in such a natural and beautiful piece of Michigan. Right now as I record this (I’m dictating right now for transcription later), I’m looking out the window, listening to a soft rain, and watching fireflies light up in my backyard, making for an almost comically perfect image of tranquility and peace. The weather has been so perfect and I’ve been so docile. For some reason, when in ANn Arbor, there’s something depressing about slouching around the house all day. If I sleep in in my bed, the only other place to lounge is the couch, and once that’s done, it’s back to bed. But in Milford, I can somehow go an entire day not doing anything and still feel like I’ve accomplished something just through locomotion. I might start the day sleeping in in bed, then move to the couch, then out to the hammock to read, then poolside to catch some sun, then floating in the water for some time, then back to the hammock, etc. Somehow just by cycling through these different points I actually feel like I’ve made some accomplishment, at least enough to keep existential ennui and sense of dread and stagnation from keeping in.

Normally I wouldn’t relish something that takes away the prongs of motivation that stab when I begin to dawdle, but when recovering from (supposedly) mono, I suppose it’s a good thing to rest up 🙂


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