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The Flickering Embers of your Soul

“It’s all we can do to look in the mirror and hope that the light doesn’t go out of our eyes.”
—Me, to nobody in particular

In an effort to actually publish more of my thoughts without just mind-dumping into Twitter, I’m going to start leaving fragments here that I can springboard off later.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the eternality of conscious being and have come up kind of pessimistic. I’m more convinced than ever that our conscious existence is just emergent phenomena, a beautiful property of our humming minds, but one that cannot exist on its own without substrate.

Recent experiences observing (in myself and others) the fragile emergent property that is consciousness crackle and weaken has really inverted my old top-down beliefs in will and self. The conscious mind is cool, but it is so easily disrupted and is miserably limited in its ability to command any resources for self-preservation under any but ideal circumstances. Bummer, huh? Well, let’s enjoy it while we can.

Nerdier posts coming soon, and maybe a splash of optimism in all the fatalism.

PS: I’m not depressed or bummed out or anything, I’m just slowly shifting my thinking about how I think of myself (or anyone else) as an agent. This new strain of thoughts has so far made me a lot more sympathetic to others and has helped me to feel more connected to other people: we’re all pretty frail.


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